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The DC Universe.
Possibly one of the greatest comic universes in the world, if not the greatest.
Lately I've often been asked what I like so much about series such as Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and so on.

Their opinion on the shows were all basically,
"It's badly drawn and colored. The storylines of these series are often not complex and at the end of 1 of the series, it usually stops abrupt and without a mindblowing 'everything comes together' episode."

And even though I love the shows, I must agree with some points.
Nowadays, the graphics of those shows can be considered 'bad', but I think that's a matter of how high ones personal bar lies.
The stories are indeed not complex and perhaps not even interresting for someone who's not into the superhero stuff.
And indeed, even though I love all the shows myself, I find it a shame that most of them stop abrupt and leave many plotholes open.

But none of those things are the real reason why I love these shows so much.
First of all, I have always been a retro, oldschool type of guy.
Therefore I really dig the old drawing style in these shows and knowing that it was all drawn and colored with the hand makes it even more amazing.
Second of all, the 1 big real reason I love these shows so much, is because I can connect to them.
It just a simple world where you have justice and crime fighting eachother.
But within that world are so many great characters with so many interesting backgrounds and origins.
And I'm not only talking about their 'superhero origins', but also all their personalities, characteristics and lives as their alter-ego's are so well developed and interesting.
I simply know that a universe with so many great characters can offer everyone in the world a character they could connect to in some way and find themselves in.

I'm especially pointing towards the Batman part of the DC Universe.
Every time again, it's just so amazing to read about him, his alter ego, all these eccentric, insane, lovable villains and how it all connects together.

I'm sure that everyone who has a heart for the DC Universe has their personal reasons why they love the universe and boundries on how deep they want to dive into the Universe.
I'm even willing to bet that everyone can tell me at least 1 character from the Universe that basically won their love for the universe.

Some only like the Superman Universe, some only like the Batman Universe.
But that doesn't divide the community within the entire DC Universe, no no no.
Every character and every story is connected in some interesting, devious, disturbing or even romantic way.

And that's why I love the DC Universe.
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Oreopata Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
Oddly enough, the school library (to which I am one of the librarians) has had a shipment of new books. And one of them is this MASSIVE book looking at the history of DC comics. It goes all the way from the first year right to the present day and it tells you EVERYTHING! Like so [link] [link] .
Heck, tell me which year you were born and I’ll tell you what was happening with DC in that year :)
Zaurask Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Student Filmographer
Holy motherf'in jesus!
That's so awesome! D:
I must have it!
Well... eventually... cash flow isn't flowing as much as I would like it too :D:P
Oreopata Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
Actually, the head librarian said to me because I love this stuff so much and it’s gonna influence my career when I’m older. She has called in to order a new copy for me to buy for half the price. Pretty sweet deal! :)
Honestly tell me which year, any year. And I’ll tell you all the gossip!
Zaurask Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Student Filmographer
Hehe, ok, you have a damn awesome boss :XD:
I was born in 1991 :P Now gimmi saom gawssip :XD::P
Oreopata Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
In 1991 we had the graphic novel “Batman vs Dracula”, Robin got his own comic series, Lois lane finally finds out that her fiancé Clark Kent is Superman, we had “Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn” (which is going to be one of Bruce’s next movies), Deathstroke got his own comic series, the Silver Sorceress was killed and Aquaman got his own comic series to celebrate 50 years since his first appearance.

Not a bad year! :)
Zaurask Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011  Student Filmographer
Awesome =P That's indeed a pretty good year ^^
I'm wondering how Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn will turn out. I wasn't really impressed by Green Lantern: First Flight, but maybe it's just me, maybe I don't like Green Lantern as much as I'd hoped :P
I think it's a shame that certain characters get a spotlight in the comics, but are completely forgotten in animated movies and series.
Deathstroke for one. You get to see him in Teen Titans, but meh... as it is a kid's show... I'm not entirely convinced I've seen the 'real' Deathstroke.
Btw, I haven't seen 'Batman vs Dracula' yet (the animated movie), is it any good?
Oreopata Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
Yeah, I’m pretty surprised that we are having a sequel to one of his movies, should be good. Unless you count “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” as a sequel to “Superman/Batman: Public enemies” ?

And yeah, I will admit that I like the Teen Titan series sometimes but they really didn’t do any justice to Deathstroke. I mean just calling him by his real name, Slade. I will admit, watching the series growing up I thought he was a badass. But now, I can see that he is extremely stock and clichéd, and even a little bit boring. But kudos to Ron Perlman though, I think he is a perfect casting choice, It’s just a shame that the character wasn’t like the comic book version.
Although the only true version of Deathstroke I have seen is in the video game “Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe”. In this he is gruesome, aggressive and also a good strategist. Just like in the comics. My only nitpick is that the voice actor sounded like he was in his early thirties or late twenties and Deathstroke is supposed to be middle aged and has white hair. But it’s still worth a look at, and his fatalities are kick ass! [link] [link] .

And to sum up ... no, it’s not. BUT there is one scene in the movie that you CAN NOT MISS! It’s the scene where the Joker gets turned into a vampire and goes on a feeding frenzy in a blood bank. I was gobsmacked at how much blood there was in this one scene and what they did with all the blood. It’s friggin freaky!! Also we get a couple of good one-liners from both Penguin and Joker. Otherwise the movie is extremely underwhelming, but luckily it’s never as silly as it first sounds, so it has some dignity to it. But like I said, you simply can’t miss that scene so for that reason I recommend you give it a watch.
Zaurask Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011  Student Filmographer
Well, it's not in the name, but I definitely think that Apocalypse is a bit sequel'ish to Public Enemies.
Or at least, you could consider it 1 big story, consisting out of 2 happenings.

Well, as far as the Slade character went, he was pretty dark.
I mean, he manipulated and manipulated and manipulated, with pretty dark intentions, such as converting a little lost girl who was insecure about her abilities to do his biddings. Plus the fact that he forced her to kill the people she actually cared for. That sounds pretty evil to me :P
I just thought that it was stupid that he simply couldn't be called Deathstroke, because the name had 'death' in it... *facepalm*
And I also always portrait him as a weapon expert (ninja like), which was also totally left out.

Hehe, yea, I have considered buying the game, but it looks pretty dull to me.
Could be a personal matter. I just don't care so much for buttonmash games :P
Still, I loved the 2 finishing moves of The Joker :XD:

Ah yes, I just saw the movie, including the scene with the bloodbank ^^
What can I say about the movie... It was ok I gues...
I'm not going to deconstruct my opinion on it to explain everything that was bad, because well... I have come to an understanding with 'The Batman' series and movies.
I see now that it is simply it's own universe.
Sure the creators fucked some things up, including origins, voices, appearances and storylines, but meh... as far as a revamped 'modern' Batman TV show goes... it isn't that bad, considering other shows you see on tv nowadays..
I've even learned to simply ignore Catwoman's look :XD:
I saw 1 episode with her as leading character and at the end of it I was like "Hey, I watched this episode without being irritated by Catwoman's ridiculous outfit" :P
The Bloodbank scene was indeed worth watching.
Really creepy too =P
And it reminded me a LOT of the vampire-club scene from Blade :XD:
Ow. And. Joker... was... fuckin scary :XD:
I actually thought Joker and Penguin had some pretty lame dia/monologue some times...
Such as:
Batman: "Shows over" *this sentence already indicates that Batman makes a reference, as if their fight was a show*
Joker: "The Show must go on" *this response is basically unnecessary, because the show-joke was already made by Batman, which is also weird, because Joker usually makes the jokes*
That one-liner could've been so much better and to me, it felt scrambled together. Just like some others.
Overall, I thought the movie was ok, but it doesn't even come close to being worthy of a place my collection =P
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